Point Breeze Church to be Converted into 45 Apartments

1900 South 16th Street
1900 South 16th Street

We’ve seen way too many churches around Philadelphia get demolished or left to sit and rot. These buildings are typically difficult to convert into apartments, especially when they have been neglected and maintenance has been deferred for decades. However, there have been more than a handful of success stories where churches have been converted into apartment buildings or into other uses around Philadelphia.

Today, we’re happy to report on what could be one of those positive outcomes. Zoning permits were issued last Friday for the conversion of the historic church at 1900 S. 16th Street into 45 apartments. Currently home to the True Gospel Tabernacle Family Church, the building is on the Philadelphia Register of Historic Places.

1900 South 16th Street
Aerial view of 1900 South 16th Street
1900 South 16th Street
The back of the church at 1900 South 16th Street

Although the 15,390 square foot parcel is zoned RM-1, the team behind the project is opting to build to CMX-3 standards. This is possible due to the building’s historic designation. No automobile parking or loading docks will be required. It will be interesting to see what is to become of the existing surface parking lot on the site. On that note, we’re even more eager to see what the development team plans on doing with the bell tower.

It’s great to see plans moving forward to save this building. We’re excited to see the exterior of the property spruced up and for a burst of energy to be shot into this section of the neighborhood.

How do you feel about this project?

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