Permits Issued for Demolition of Gayborhood Parking Garage

316-20 S. 11th St parking garage
The parking garage at 316-20 S. 11th St. with The Arthaus rising in the background

A zoning permit was issued for the demolition of the 3-story parking garage at 316-20 S. 11th St. in the Gayborhood today. No additional permits were issued that would shed light on what kind of development is planned on the site once demolition is complete.

The roughly 12,000 square foot RM-1 (residential multifamily) zoned property could accommodate approximately a 26-unit building by-right and a 32-unit building if the green roof bonus is utilized. Additional bonuses could be utilized to achieve a higher unit count. Or, the owner of the property could pursue a zoning variance for a larger mixed-use project.

316-20 S. 11th St parking garage
The back of the parking garage at 316-20 S. 11th St.

As parking structures go, this has to be one of the more attractive garages in the city and we hope that whatever replaces it has as handsome of a street presence. However, we’ll be happy if dozens of homes for people replace this home for automobiles. It would also likely be difficult to adaptively reuse a building like this with its internal concrete ramps. As of today, the parking garage was still operating.

We’ll update this story as we get information about what is planned for the site. Anyone out there have any idea?

UPDATE 12/28/21 – we’ve been tipped off as to what is planned for this property. The development team behind the project is planning to build 9 townhomes on the site. A rendering of the project is below.

Rendering of 316-20 S. 11th St.
Rendering of 316-20 S. 11th St.

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