Permits Issued for 42-Unit Mixed-Use Building on Point Breeze Avenue

1420 Point Breeze Ave
1420 Point Breeze Ave.

Point Breeze has seen a ton of development over the last ten years. However, sizable mixed-use buildings are few and far between in this neck of the woods. Point Breeze Avenue is a great commercial corridor, so it is surprising that we have not seen more development on this strip as townhouses have been built throughout the neighborhood at a rapid pace.

In October, we told you about a 69-unit apartment building proposal on the 1600 block of Point Breeze Ave. Just a couple of blocks north of that site, another project is in the works. Building permits were issued on December 28th for the construction of a 4-story, 42-unit building with ground floor retail space, a green roof, and a roof deck at 1420 Point Breeze Avenue.

1420 Point Breeze Avenue was most recently the home of the Point Breeze Supermarket. We never like to see a source of food for a community closed down and hope that the development team tries to fill the future retail space with another grocery-related business. This is one instance that it would have been really nice to have seen the fresh food height bonus utilized. That would have ensured that a food market of some kind would open up in the new retail space.

Demolition permits were pulled for the structure in October and orange demo notices currently adorn the building’s facade. The 2-story section of the existing building is quite handsome, and we are sad to see it demolished. The building was originally a location of discount chain department store, S.S. Kresge, the predecessor to K-Mart. Look closer at the top of the structure, and you will see “Kresge” inscribed. It is unfortunate that Philadelphia will be losing this piece of history.

We have not seen any renderings of the project yet, but look forward to seeing them when available. How do you feel about this project?

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