45 Units + Artist Studios Rising Near the Berks El Stop

Rendering of 1805 N. Howard St.
Rendering of 1805 N. Howard St.

If you’ve been reading our articles, you’ll know that the area around the Berks El Station is booming. Several large mixed-use and multi-family projects are in the planning phases, under construction, or recently completed. The 28-unit + retail project at Front and Berks is now rising quickly. A 95-unit + retail project is topped out at Front and Norris. 39-units are moving towards completion at Front and Diamond. Right across Front St., a 24-unit building is topped out and The Harbison Dairy 86-unit + commercial conversion is well underway. Another more than 100 units are nearing completion over at The Gotham at 2nd and Norris. The list goes on. Check out our map page for more projects near the Berks El Stop and around the city.

1805 N. Howard St. demolished
The building that was demolished at 1805 N. Howard St.

Over at 1805 N. Howard St., just south of Berks and west of Front St., another project is underway. Agent PHL represented the developer in the acquisition of this property in May of 2018. This 9,580 IRMX parcel formerly held a masonry structure that was most recently the home of a cabinet manufacturer. The nondescript brick building was demolished sometime less than a year ago.

1805 N. Howard St. under construction
1805 N. Howard St. under construction

Construction is now underway with plans calling for a six-story building with 45 residential units, artist studios on the ground floor, 14 car parking spots, and 15 bicycle spaces. The project rendering depicts a modern brick structure that we think fits in with the surrounding buildings. According to the renderings, the developers are placing the garage entrance on Howard St., which is where the garage door was located on the old building. The angled roof line on the southwest side give the building a modern touch and will help preserve site lines for the property next door.

Overall, we are fans of this project and look forward to its completion. We love to see residential density along the train line and are also happy to see artist studios added to a neighborhood that continues to lose this kind of space. How do you feel about the project?

UPDATE 12/6/20: This project is now rising out of the ground with the first floor steel completed and the cinderblock at 3-stories.

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