33 Units + Fresh Food Market to Replace Auto Repair Shop in Kensington

2328-44 North 2nd Street
2328-44 North 2nd Street

We’ve told you about a ton of projects that are underway and in the pipeline on North 2nd St. in Kensington north of Girard Avenue all the way past York Street. When you cross over Berks Street, this strip has an industrial vibe with a bunch of auto repair shops calling 2nd St. home.

With most of these properties being zoned CMX-2, developers have been steadily buying out the auto shops and planning mixed-use projects on the formerly auto-centric sites.

It looks like another auto repair shop is on its way out. Zoning permits were issued in early March for a 4-story, 43 foot tall, 33-unit building with a fresh food market on the first floor, a green roof, a roof deck, and 12 bicycle stalls at 2328-44 North 2nd Street. The project is utilizing the 15 foot fresh food market height bonus.

2328-44 North 2nd Street
Aerial view of 2328-44 North 2nd Street

Demolition permits were issued for the property, which sits just south of York Street, in mid-March. Construction permits were then issued today for the project.

We think it’s great to see plans for a higher and better use for this property, which is situated 0.3 miles from the York-Dauphin Station. It’s also exciting to hear that a fresh food market is included in the plans. Although there have been a ton of proposals and new developments in this area, there is still a retail void, especially when it comes to healthy food options.

How do you feel about this project? How far north do you think new construction will happen on 2nd Street?

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