3-Story Addition + 90 Units Planned for Stately Building on Vine St.

The Jarvis Building at 1209 Vine St. with the parking lot at 1201 Vine St. on the right

A beautiful building at 1209 Vine St. is set to grow 3 stories. The Jarvis Building is currently the home of the NOTO night club. Mother and son Micheline and James DeBerardine own the club, the building, and the parking lot next door at 1201 Vine St. The building is zoned CMX-4 and was purchased by the DeBerardines in 2016 for $6 million. We see that the site had an early history as a stable and was more recently a school before being transformed into NOTO.

In 2018, we saw permits pulled on 1209 Vine St. for an overbuild. The development would have included 60 residential units, office space, and 20 bike spaces. Eighteen parking spaces were to be provided in the empty lot next door at 1201 Vine St.

It looks like the owners’ plans have become a little more ambitious. New construction permits were just pulled to erect a 3-story addition over the existing 5-story building. The nightclub will remain on floors 1 and 2, a financial services office will be built out on floor 3, and 90 residential units will occupy floors 4 through 8. A roof deck will top off the project. 30 bicycle spots will be included in the building and 18 car parking spots will be available in the empty lot at 1201 Vine.

We really hope that the overbuild is constructed with quality materials that are respectful to the beautiful building below. A modern addition similar to the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn, the Humboldt-Carré building in Berlin, or Margaretenstrasse 9 in Vienna could work well here, if executed tastefully. We would love to see renderings of the project. If anyone out there has the designs, please send them our way.

You may remember that the DeBerardines proposed a 16-story, 221-foot-tall, 99-unit apartment building on the lot at 1201 Vine St. in 2016. We have not heard any updates on that project. With the 1209 Vine St. project assigning 18 parking spots to the empty lot, we do not imagine the tower project will happen any time soon. The tower project plan included a mechanical parking system. So, if the tower is ever built, 1209’s 18 parking spots should be able to be absorbed within the automated parking garage.

Rendering of the tower proposed for 1201 Vine St. in 2018

We are excited to see the 90 units added on top of 1209 Vine St. and look forward to the 99-unit project eventually proceeding. The northern side of Vine St. is zoned for high-density development (mostly CMX-4 and CMX-5). Yet, we see relatively few large residential or mixed-use buildings on this stretch where parking lots are plentiful. We would like to see these under-utlized lots developed to their full potential in the future. With the success of The Alexander luxury apartment building and with the Chinatown Eastern Tower currently under construction (both of which replaced parking lots), we think this is definitely possible.

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