25+ Units + Retail Planned Across the Street from Dalessandro’s

5830 Henry Ave. Rendering
5830 Henry Ave. Rendering

Whenever we go out to Roxborough, we try to make a stop at Dalessandro’s. We’ve been going there for ages and think they have the best steak in the city. The place is usually crowded, so we often find ourselves posted up in the park across the street eating our sandwiches while taking in some sun.

Just across Henry Avenue from Dalessandro’s, the former home of the Roxborough Healthcare Center recently sold for $1.2 million. The 9,900 square foot CMX-2 lot at 5830 Henry Avenue currently holds a 14,612 square foot brick building.

5830 Henry Ave. Currently
5830 Henry Ave. Currently

Redevelopment seems to be on the horizon, but no permits have been pulled to date to our knowledge. We’ve heard that the new owner will pursue an overbuild concept on the parcel. The preliminary plans entail 25 or more residential units over retail.

The renderings for the project show the existing brick base painted or stained black with a modern addition on top, with the building rising 3 total stories. We think the design looks really nice and much better than the current structure on the site. The overbuild concept should help keep a lot of construction materials out of the landfill and will also likely save the development team some money.

We appreciate the retail space this project will add to a mostly park-filled residential section of Roxborough. The additional residents should also help bring more energy to the block.

We really like this project and hope it moves forward. Residents will have a park across the street, will be close to the Wissahickon trails, can walk to play golf, and will also be a short trip to the commercial strips in Manayunk and Chestnut Hill. They’ll just have to control their desire to have a cheesesteak every day.

How do you feel about this project?

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