231-Unit Project Proposed in Port Richmond

2750R Aramingo Ave. Rendering
2750R Aramingo Ave. Rendering

Not many people would see value in a blighted lot situated between a gas station, a scrap yard, and train tracks. 2750R Aramingo Avenue is an 80,735 square foot industrial (I2) zoned parcel that sits between Aramingo Ave., Somerset St., Tulip St., and the Conrail tracks. If you walk by the property today, you’ll probably find trash strewn everywhere, enough tires to outfit a tanker truck, and maybe a couch or two rotting away. This property has been an eyesore for nearby neighbors for decades and has been forgotten by the rest of the city.

2750R Aramingo Ave. Aerial View
Current Aerial View of 2750R Aramingo Ave.

It looks like this property may get a new lease on life. The Riverwards Group, a prominent development company that has experience building along the Conrail tracks, is proposing a multi-family project for the site. The development will entail 231 residential units, 84 car parking spots and 127 bicycle spaces. The residential units are split between a 113-unit building, a 94-unit building, and 8 triplexes. The triplexes front the street at the corner of Tulip and Somerset St. with the larger buildings set back towards the train tracks.

Not only will this proposed project clean up and beautify the property, but The Riverwards Group also plans on providing public space for the community. A pocket park with hardscaping and benches is planned for the corner of Tulip and Somerset. Hardscaped pedestrian walkways are planned throughout the interior and back side of the site along with more benches and landscaping. Street trees will be planted along the perimeter of the property.

2750R Aramingo Ave. Rendering
2750R Aramingo Ave. Rendering
2750R Aramingo Ave. site plan
2750R Aramingo Ave. Site Plan

Harman Deutsch Ohler Architecture did the design work for the project. The buildings will include green roofs and roof decks with the larger building having an elevated pool. The facade will incorporate brick, composite metal, and fiber cement siding.

This project will need a variance as residential use is not allowed by-right in I-2 districts. The zoning hearing is scheduled for today, December 1st. At the community meeting a couple of weeks ago, the overwhelming message from neighbors was that they wanted to see this blighted property cleaned up. This project will do just that and should provide a spark of energy to this section of the neighborhood.

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