4 Adjacent Projects are Bringing 33 Units + Retail to Francisville

Ridge Ave Francisville Philadelphia development
Multiple development sites on the 1600 block of Ridge Ave. in Francisville

Earlier this week, we told you about a 32-unit mixed-use building that’s under construction on Ridge Avenue in Francisville. If you walk either direction on Ridge Avenue from this project, you’ll see countless new buildings and construction sites. We’ve written about several of them.

Just across the street from the 32-unit project, a 5-story, 10-unit building with ground floor commercial space and a roof deck is nearing completion at 1611-15 Ridge Avenue. This is the modern building with a facade made up of multiple shades of grey in the above picture. To the right of that project at 1607-09 Ridge Ave., a 4-story, 7-unit building with ground floor retail space is nearing completion. To the left of these projects at 1617-19 Ridge Ave., construction permits were recently issued for a 5-story, 13-unit building with ground floor retail space. To the left of that lot, a 3-unit building with ground floor commercial space is rising at 1621 Ridge Avenue.

francisville philadelphia development
2018 view of these parcels

These 4 parcels that were all recently vacant lots will soon hold 33 new residential units and multiple commercial spaces. Don’t forget the 32-units under construction across the street. A similar story can be told about several blocks along Ridge Avenue in Francisville. It’s really incredible how this stretch has transformed over the last five years. Now, we just need some more quality retailers and restaurants to open along the avenue.

Can you believe the amount of development taking place in Francisville? What kind of businesses does the neighborhood need?

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